Francesca Martinez: What The **** Is Normal?

In a world where beauty is centric, what the hell do you do if you’re, gasp ... DISABLED? Award-winning and wonderfully ‘wobbly’ comedian, writer and actress Francesca Martinez (Grange Hill, Extras) invites you to answer one of life’s great questions ‘what the **** is normal?’ Whatever body you’re born into, the pressure to be normal is everywhere. But have you ever met a normal person? What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they eat for breakfast? And what the **** does normal mean anyway?
Martinez appeared in the BBC children's drama series Grange Hill for several years, and has acted in other drama series such as City. In August 2005 she appeared in the BBC sitcom Extras with Ricky Gervais where actress Kate Winslet mistook for Francesca for being drunk. In April 2008 Martinez made global headlines when live on Channel 4 News she became the first Olympic torch bearer to pull out of the London relay in protest over China’s treatment of Tibet. In April 2009 she appeared on the BBC Radio 4 stand-up comedy show, 4 Stands Up. She has also been developing a sitcom.
In 2000, Martinez became the first female comic to win the prestigious Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award at the Edinburgh Festival beating some of the most recognised male comedians in the UK including Jimmy Carr, Karl Theobald and Matthew Home. In 2003 she was listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy. Martinez has performed sell out shows in many countries including Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United States etc. Francesca also appeared on Loose Women, The Jonathan Ross Show and Russell Howard’s Good News. Francesca has been invited to support Frankie Boyle on tour this year
Award-winning Actor and Comedian, Steve Coogan described 'What the **** is Normal?' as ‘a cheerful optimistic belly-laugh broadside at prejudice and a wonderful testament to the power of ‘being funny’ I love Francesca Martinez.’
Oh…one more thing, Francesca has mild cerebral palsy but she much refers the word ‘wobbly.’ Find out more about Francesca here.

Hosted by the wonderful Eithne Browne (Brookside, Golden Oldies)

Venue: Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room, Rear of Philharmonic (Sugnall Street)
Date: Friday 20th May
Time: 8pm.

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