Sean Street: Camera Obscura Book Launch

Acclaimed poet and broadcaster Seán Street launches Camera Obscura, which combines movement of music through time and space and the transmission of sonic signals from mind to mind and from age to age. 
Writing on the Wall in partnership with The Reader welcomes Seán Street for the launch of his ninth full collection Camera Obscura which has an overall theme of ‘voices across time’. Fitting nicely into WOWFEST 2016 theme of exploring the past and the present the launch will give audiences the opportunity of hearing direct from Seán on the five distinct themes within this collection.  The 'dark chamber' of the title is pierced by memory, real and imagined voices from the ancient and recent past, attempted communication across millennia and between species. Central to the book is the long poem, 'Calderstones', a dialogue between kindred voices separated by thousands of years, 'the tense of them always present.'   Pete Atkin of Radio 4 ‘Pete & Clive’ fame says Seán has a ‘rare gift for creating a sense of the moment, like pausing time. I think it must be something to do with the presence of music in his writing. The only other poets I can think of who write as well about music are Michael Donaghy and BillyCollins.'  Seán Street has written extensively on sound, memory and radio history. He is Emeritus Professor of Radio at Bournemouth University. To celebrate Sean’s poem Calderstones, the evening includes a guided tour of The Calderstones themselves - six neolithic sandstone boulders, remains of a megalithic tomb.

Date: Thursday 12th May 
Time: 7pm
Venue:  The Reader Ice Cream Parlour, Mansion House, Calderstones Park, L18 3JB
Ticket Price: £5/3 BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE

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