Dead Good Poets: Sci-Fi and Futures Night

Welcome to tomorrow, or even the day after. In association with Writing on the Wall, the Dead Good Poets will be holding a night of imagined futures – Utopian, Dystopian or somewhere in between. Name it; versify it; bring it along on the night. Maybe you delight in intergalactic space travel and extra-terrestrial love affairs. Perhaps you are interested in gravitational wave theory, large black holes or little green aliens sent by superior beings on threatened planets to colonise earth. Or you may prefer exploring strange interruptions in the space-time continuum or extrapolating catastrophic events on a future earth due to nuclear holocausts, meteor strikes or cataclysms as yet unimagined. Then again you may feel happier back in one of the nearer futures being offered up by climate change, genetic modification or artificial intelligence. Whatever presses your visionary buttons, May 4th offers you the chance to air your verse versions of the future before a live audience (peace-loving beings from all known, unknown and parallel Universes welcome). Or, if words fail you, just come along and listen to and enjoy other-worldly words. ‘Without an audience there can be no future.’ – Albert Einstein. Or was it Isaac Asimov?


Venue: Blackburne House Garden Cafe, Blackburne Place, L8 7PE
Date: Wednesday 4th May 
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: £3/2 Pay on Door